Batizado em Santa Maria da Feira, Aveiro, do Afonso

Little Afonso's baptism day was a very special day with some family traditions. For example, the outfit he wore came from three generations.

It was on a day in January, when the pandemic was still very scary and there were still not many people vaccinated, I think we were just at the stage of the medical profession, which was on the front line.

However, that was not why the day would not be happy. Some family members and godparents participated in the ceremony. In the end, instead of everyone getting together for a hearty meal, in order to respect the ban on gatherings, little Afonso's parents had a very cool idea, to make a toast in the open air, in the square of the church and distribute a menu, to every one guest to take home, made with great care and dedication.

Here I leave you, with some photographs.

Are you going to baptize?