Casamento Clube Universitário do Porto – Estefânia & Abel


It's true that I start by meeting the couples, especially when I'm hired to do the photography coverage of their wedding. But in this case it was different.

“But João, this is a wedding publication!”

“Yes, that´s right.”

In reality, I met Estefânia and Abel a few years before they asked me to photograph their wedding. It was in another record that I am also pleased to work on, a family session, at the Porto Botanical Park. It is very nice and rewarding to see that people really like what we do and that they come back to us to photograph more beautiful moments of their lives.

Speaking of the wedding, they picked a really cool venue, the Clube Universitário do Porto. It is a place with a very unique charisma and beauty. The outdoor area is extremely pleasant and that is also why the ceremony itself took place there. Not even the rain, which constantly threatened to fall, and even ended up appearing, managed to show otherwise!

The party followed soon after the ceremony. This part happened inside the building. And what a surprisingly beautiful building it was! It dated from the late nineteenth century, is owned by the University of Porto and was recovered by the Architect Fernando Távora. A recovery that, for its "quality and refinement", was granted the João de Almada award!

A Estefânia, num estilo muito simples e belo, com umas flores coloridas lindíssimas. O Abel, de fato e meias coloridas, talvez para fazer pandã com as flores! Quem levou as alianças foi o filho mais velho, o Vicente, cheio de pinta com os seus suspensórios. Mal abriu o baile fez questão de mostrar os seus passos de dança, sem dúvida, únicos! E a pequena Amélia, que linda, parecia uma princesa! 😍

Thank you for your trust in me! See you next time!