Casamento Porto – Olga e Davide

Casamento Porto

What can I write about Olga and Davide's wedding? First of all, they are two great people! They have a way of being and being that, above all, make anyone around them fun and in a good mood.

During our life, we ​​meet many people and I, being a wedding photographer, meet even more people. However, couples that are known for leagues to be together, that complete each other at 100%, there aren't that many, but Olga and Davide are the perfect example of their existence.

The day started with Davide. He is an impeccable person. Calm and always with positive thinking. I don't think I've ever been with a groom so calm and who enjoyed his day so well. The bride and groom should all be like that, making the most of the day, always thinking positively, regardless of whether things go more or less according to plan.

When Davide was ready and in conversation with the family, I went to Olga's house. Large family, everyone in a good mood and in a characteristic bustle of the day. In the midst of it all, Olga was one of the few people who wasn't in a nervous wreck with time. His only concern was that family and friends were being welcomed. Something that undoubtedly characterizes the northern people well.

Then, the ceremony in Porto, more specifically in the Igreja do Bonfim. An emblematic church with a young priest, with a huge heart and also with a talent for music.

After the ceremony, the next destination for the party was Casa de Montezeloa 17th century house with typical architecture of the time.

Well, I think I've already stretched the words. So let me show you the photographs.