Casamento na Quinta do Éden – Tânia & Simon


Is it possible to celebrate the union of two people with guests from the most varied corners of the world and expect, as a result, a simply fantastic party?

Tania and Simon have undeniably shown that they do.

First of all, for those who haven't seen the engagement session of these two, I can summarize that they met and lived in London until practically the time of their wedding. However, there's nothing like going there to take a look to learn more about the history of both and discover some of the less popular corners of that capital. I promise you will like it.

Going back to the wedding day, I can say that there was everything on this day. As well as tears of joy, wide smiles and monumental laughter, there were also club songs, rock 'roll dances with air guitar and even a bride in the air. air guitar e até uma noiva pelo ar.

As much as I try to put into words what happened in this marriage, I will certainly fall short of what the reality was.

So, here are some pictures.

Fornecedores & Créditos
Fornecedores & Créditos