Casamento Quinta do Encontro – Rita e Pedro

Casamento Quinta do Encontro

First of all, I strongly advise anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to see Rita & Pedro to do so. After all, it's always nice to see how it all started.

Rita was stunning and Pedro was a true gentleman! But there we go.

The day started with Rita. We went to her and recorded all the moments and feelings during the preparations. Emotions were well stamped on the face of every person in that house. Rita was always in a good mood and with a contagious smile to her mother who tried to show a sense of calm, when the opposite was noticed.

As soon as Rita was ready, well…, she was absolutely stunning! That dress and that veil combined with a genuine smile, loaded with emotion. Everything perfect!

Then it was our turn to visit Pedro. A little nervous but always in a good mood, in his style. With that suit and tie, he was, as I said above, a true gentleman.

As a great animal lover, he couldn't help but have his faithful four-legged friend present and dressed up! Anyone who doubts that the relationship between humans and their animals is just like the relationship with their family should have been there to see the affection and happiness they have whenever they are together.

After the ceremony, we went to Quinta do Encontro in Anadia.

In short, this wedding was so good, but so good, that I think I enjoyed it almost as much as the bride and groom!

Well, here are the photos.