Noivado Porto – Carlo e Diego

Noivado Porto

What can I say about Carlo and Diego? First, I can start with something obvious about them. They are of Italian nationality, however, they are from Porto at heart. Whenever they can, they like to travel to this northern corner, with a strong and unique accent.

Anyway, when asked why the city of Porto, they were unanimous in the answer.

“The people of this city and the gastronomy are unique!”

Although I am not from Porto, having it as my favorite city in my country, I was extremely proud. Diego is a professional on-board aviation, that is, he knows this world and the other. To say that Porto occupies a large space in their hearts is a weighty thing!

I didn't need to suggest downtown locations or city viewpoints. They already knew where they liked to go. We crossed the emblematic Ponte Luiz I that joins the cities that the Douro River separates, Vila Nova de Gaia and Porto.

We passed by the Ribeira elevator which has a beautiful view over the two cities. Then we went to the colorful Rua das Flores that takes us to the S. Bento station and ended up at the Vitória viewpoint.

By pure coincidence, the day of this session was the same as the day of testing for the last Red Bull Air Race where we could see some stunts of the bravest and craziest pilots this world has.

Well, here are the photos.