Como escolher um fotógrafo casamento? Qual o preço ideal de um bom?

How to choose a wedding photographer? What is the price of a good photographer?

How to choose a wedding photographer? What is the price of a good photographer?

Firstly, I hope this short article is useful to couples who are looking for a wedding photographer.

It is difficult to answer this topic in a simple and straightforward way. There are several factors to take into consideration.

"Doesn't photographing a wedding end up just being there during the day pressing a button a few times with a camera like the one I have when I go on holiday?"

I'm happy to say that I couldn't be further from the truth. Photography, as well as other wedding related services, is evolving exponentially. It is good to see that there is a wide variety of work allowing couples to choose the photographer who presents the style that is closest to what they are looking for. Of course there are professionals and "professionals" and price is often a differentiating factor.

However, lack of professionalism can never have a place in this environment, even if they approach the day as going there to press a button a few times and take € 300. Attention, I don't see any problem in colleagues charging 300€ to do the reportage of a wedding. Admittedly, it may result in a more modest reportage of the day. Now, let them do it and then fail to book the dates, do the wedding report and have no backup material, if something unexpected happens at the time, give up a backup system of photos, do not meet the deadlines, or simply send someone else to do the work because someone else was "more interesting". I find this unacceptable.

"I don't understand how the photographer charges this exorbitant amount when there are so many shooting for €500 or even less!"

Como disse acima, a fotografia de casamento de hoje tem diversas formas de se apresentar. Existem muitos colegas fotógrafos e muitos deles com uma visão e apresentação fotográfica do dia muito distintas. Registos mais tradicionais, vintage, chique, posados, glamourosos, documentais, story telling…

In addition, behind these styles there is always the person, the photographer, his or her way of being, his or her social manner, the accompaniment with the bride or groom up until D-day. The way of presenting and being on the wedding day, of supporting the bride and groom during that day...

Even at the end, when the photographs are handed over, things can vary greatly.

In short, all these factors, and more, end up defining a value to each photographer's work.

Talking about myself and my approach, I can say that I am a photographer who likes to get to know the couples, talk a little bit with them, about them and the day they hope to have.

I like the social closeness and to know a little bit how they are as a couple. The relationship and human interaction of those two people. This helps me a lot in my approach to the wedding day.

As time goes by, I notice that I feel comfortable telling the wedding day as it was, with little interference on my part, so that I can extract as much as possible the relationship and interaction of the people who are at that party, not only the bride and groom but also the guests. In short, to try to reflect as faithfully as possible the day as it happened, in a natural and spontaneous way, with or without adventures, with or without unusual moments. It must mirror the people and the day as it really happened.

This style ends up being authorial photography. Therefore my look and way of being are not transferable. Hardly anyone will do it like me, so I never equate to make teams to accept more than one work for the same day. However, I have nothing against those who do it, simply in my way of approach, accompaniment and final result, it doesn't make sense.

"So the important thing is to look at the pictures we see on social media and if we like them and don't run out of budget, we hire them."

Yes and No! First of all, I advise you to look at more than a few pictures on social media. Think of it as a clothing shop. The window display has very interesting pieces but the inside may not have much else to show, or vice versa. Ask to see a full reportage of a wedding or see if the photographer has a blog with a wedding reportage published. This way you can get to know the whole approach of the wedding day and not 2 or 3 fancy photos.

Talking about myself again, I like to say that brides and grooms don't hire me just to take a few photos. They hire a photographer, who is a person who likes, first of all, to get to know the couple, to listen and understand what they want and try to help. Before the day, during the day and after the day. It is normal for couples to have many doubts and uncertainties and I am happy to help. I have no problem in giving some tips and suggestions on what they need, suggesting colleagues from other important services for the day...

During the day, I try to accompany the couple and help to make it a unique experience. I always try to be in tune with the other services, studying the best hours and the best light for some things that the bride and groom are considering doing. I even help to break some constraints and unpleasantness that eventually arise.

For this and much more I think it is important to have a chemistry or empathy, whatever you want to call it, with the couple I am going to photograph.

Feeling that the bride and groom treat us and put themselves forward to us as if we were friends is great and is something that happens to me a lot.

It is very important that the couple get along with the photographer. And I can say, without any doubt, that the final result only wins when this is the case!

A curiosity: Have you noticed that the photographer is the professional who will be with you the most hours on your wedding day?

But let's get down to numbers, isn't it an outrage that a photographer charges, for example, 3000 euros?

All that I mentioned above, it is natural that makes the values practiced by photographers oscillate. Allied to all this, there's still something called the law of supply and demand. Speaking only of Portugal, the overwhelming majority of weddings take place between May and October. More specifically, on the weekends between that period. So we're talking about an average of 24 weekends.

You can conclude that a good professional has a full agenda for the year in no time. If it is a photographic style in which few colleagues do it, the possibilities are even more scarce, of course, if there are couples who look for it. This also makes, eventually, the price go up.

É óbvio que o valor a cobrar é importante para o orçamento global do casamento! Se o fotógrafo que adoram cobra um valor que não conseguem comportar, então, muito provavelmente terão que equacionar um com um valor mais baixo. No entanto deixo uma pergunta que penso que devem fazer a vocês mesmos: A diferença de preço entre o fotógrafo que adoro e que queria que fotografasse o casamento e o que gosto terá assim um peso tão substâncial no orçamento total do casamento? Corresponde a quê, 1% ou 0,5% do valor?

In the end, what remains are the photographs! That will be the visual heritage that you and, most likely, the following generations will treasure so much. I would like to have an album to see how my grandparents lived that day!

Bottom line

A minha recomendação é simples. Comecem por pesquisar nas redes sociais, fotografias de casamentos. Seja pelos perfis de fotógrafos, grupos ou por trends através de #hashtags no instagram. Vejam o estilo que gostam e posteriormente procurem os profissionais que apresentam formas de trabalhar idênticas ao que pesquisaram.

Contact us and see if you can identify with the person behind the photos. Based on all of this, see what might best fit your situation. Oh! and as I said before, ask to see a full report or a blog of a report that can give you the overall picture of the day. This is not to say that it is guaranteed that you will choose the best photographer for you, but you will certainly come very close.

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