Sessão de Noivos na Ria de Aveiro

Sessão de Noivos na Ria de Aveiro

Rita and Pedro, although a little shy at first, are a fun and smiling couple. This session undoubtedly mirrored that very well.

As they are close to Aveiro, they suggested the S. Roque canal and the Praça in Aveiro as the location for the session. Historical and very attractive places, especially for those visiting this beautiful city.

In an instant, you can understand why many tourists call Aveiro the Venice of Portugal!

He pointed to a late September afternoon to catch that softer golden light, and the rest… well the rest flowed naturally. Exchange of looks full of meaning, games with tenderness, all washed down with a good mood.

In the end, we still had the brief company of a spotted dog for the pose.

Well, here are the photographs to illustrate a little of what this session was about.