Sessão Noivos em Londres

Sessão Noivos em Londres

Right there, at our first meeting, I was unexpectedly asked by Simon if I would be willing to travel and walk with them through the streets of LondonWhat question!!! It is gratifying to realize that people really like our photographs to the point of considering a session outside the country.

London was a very important city in the course of their lives. Firstly, because that's where Tânia tried her luck when things were less easy around here, and secondly because that's where she ended up meeting Simon. I can say that London was not only the starting point, but also the starting point for a life together.

How pleasant those days were! In short, in addition to getting to know the nooks and crannies of that capital (many times fleeing the trivial tourist spots), I can say that I made two friends right there.

Well, here I leave you some pictures.