Sessão Família – Maternidade A+N = D

Sessão Família Maternidade

The days of college, of the city of Aveiro as a student, are long gone.

However, it was nice to see people from that time again. This is the case of this session with Ana and Nuno.

Now without the academic dress and the craziness of the academic week, we met to photograph, a new stage, very special in their lives.

D. is almost here and as the drooling daddies that they are, they really wanted to keep a memento of their pregnancy time.

As such, we went to spend the end of the afternoon at the Universidade de Aveiro and Costa Nova.

It was an evening well spent, with everything they were entitled to, the characteristic wind of the city, the sunset on the beach and even the visit of a little dog that wandered around!

Ana with a light and fresh dress, always smiling and Nuno in a good mood and ready to make you laugh and smile.

Here are some photographs.