Sessão de Noivos no Porto da Olga e do Davide

Sessão noivos Porto

Olga and Davide's engagement session could only be in one city, Porto.

Olga is from Porto and Davide, although from Feira, easily learned to love that city.

I think Porto is one of those cities that is hard not to like. Not only for the city itself, which is beautiful, with its historical monuments and the Douro River with its Rabelos boats but also for its people, the way they face life and the very characteristic culture they have. Yes, I am also, without a doubt, passionate about this city!

This afternoon went so well! So much so that they stayed that it only ended when the sun had gone down. There are couples who have a complicity, a strong bond and a joy that is undeniably evident. These two are such a couple.

Well, I leave you with the photographs, I think they reflect well what I tried to convey in words.