Sessão de Noivos pela Ria de Aveiro com a Cristiana e o Daniel

There are couples that I only need to talk to them for a few minutes to immediately notice that they are very cool and extremely in love. I just described Cristiana and Daniel.

Cris, as Daniel calls her, is an extremely friendly person, with a captivating smile and is totally in love. While photographing them, you could see that sparkle in their eyes so well, whenever they were together or played with some past situation, which they were recounting during that afternoon, along the banks of the Ria de Aveiro.

O Daniel, sempre pronto para a brincadeira, para alinhar no que for preciso e no início da sessão a falar pelos três. 😊 Segundo a Cris, é o sinal de nervosismo dele, mas foi um nervosismo que demorou muito pouco. Num piscar de olhos já estávamos no meio do milheiral a fazer fotografias lindas e eles cheios de cumplicidade, completamente à vontade como se não estivessem a ser fotografados.

I would have a lot more to say about these two and for what it was this afternoon, but for now, I'll stop there. I'll save a few extra lines for their wedding day post.

Here I leave you with some photos.